Chrysanthemum Snake Skateboard (1 of 1)

Chrysanthemum Snake Skateboard (1 of 1)


Here we have a unique 1 of 1 Traditional Japanese style skateboard deck which was created by one of our very own directors and artist! This piece of art has been carefully created over 40+ hours and it's safe to say the end result is truly beautiful.


This is a one-off piece and will not be replicated in any way shape or form. The design consists of a bright and bold Traditional Japanese style chrysanthemum with an equally bold Snake winding it's throughout the deck. All of this on a traditional style wind bar background to really make the design pop!


This piece was made with the intention of it being a piece of art not to be used as a skateboard.

We do not accept returns of 1 off artwork pieces. Please refer to our returns policy or FAQ for more information.