Tattoo Street Collective - Black Talon (1 yr on)

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Almost a year after the birth of the brand, the infrastructure of Black Talon has almost been refined.

The online store has been envisioned and designed in-house, all from scratch, to an elegant point where it is now almost functionally flawless. The digital structure of Black Talon and its integration with advertising platforms and search engines has then been further optimised by a very experienced professional. The product pages and navigation menus as well as the theme and colour palette have all been firmly established within the brand.

As time goes on, the website will be ever evolving and adaptive to new ideas and the constant steady addition of clothing pieces, accessories and artwork. Black Talon now has solid relationships with an exclusive handful of wholesale suppliers, screen printing and embroidery companies and even jewellery designer and manufacturer (more to be seen on this later in the year). We have also come to own a top-quality in-house production equipment that allows us the freedom to experiment with new designs and unconventional yet fashionable placements.

After almost one year (10 months), Black Talon has released 10 pieces of clothing as well as artwork prints and stickers. We have worked with another artist in the tattoo industry to produce the Chris Worker – Serpent Tee. This rate of creation will only flourish with time and the freedom given to us by our newly acquired in house production methods. We have thoughts and ideas pouring out of us, and we can make it all come to life with the support of our fantastic community. We have learnt a great deal over the year, we have learnt things we didn't even know we had to know. This journey has stimulated us to work harder and has made our passion more intense and our knowledge even stronger. There is still so much to learn and achieve but we are more motivated than ever and cannot wait to see what the future holds for Black Talon.

It would be wrong not to touch on our network which has grown tremendously since our launch in 2021 and has helped us achieve things we would never have thought of. We have developed a close net team of professionals as well as multiple connections with influencers, brand ambassadors, artists and the likes. We will never forget the people who went out of their way to help us and for that we adore you all massively.

Finally we want to say a massive thanks to our customers, without you we wouldn’t be able to continue growing and for anyone reading this that has made a purchase from us so far then know that you are helping us achieve our dream! We will always be looking to grow further, improve quality and become a staple brand!

Black Talon is here to stay!

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