Almost Angels x Black Talon Store Location

As of very recently, a fraction of Black Talon stock has been placed for sale at our local tattoo parlour. Almost Angels where one of our directors, a fully qualified tattoo artist, practices his trade full time. Almost Angels is the most reputable and professional tattoo parlour around where we live, located down Fore Hill in Ely, UK. We are grateful to them for this fantastic opportunity to showcase our style and quality and to provide another level of exposure that would have been hard to achieve at this early stage of our business.

This is still just the beginning. With time Black Talon will push to stock more tattoo parlours, skate shops and any physical stores of similar nature around the UK. We see this as a great way to earn more trust from anyone looking into our work as the products and their quality may be examined first hand, and this will allow more exposure for our target audience, tattoo enthusiasts. A person walks into a tattoo parlour to get inked and as he/she is about to pay for the freshly wrapped art, sees a display of tattoo inspired clothing for sale. This sparks incentive for them to investigate our products further

Thank you to the Almost Angels Tattoo Family for helping us along the way!

If you would like to display our products in your shop then please get in touch, we would love discuss how we can best suit your needs!

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