Tattoo Inspired Streetwear

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Established 2020 | Tattoo Inspired Streetwear | Black Talon Clothing - We are Black Talon Clothing. Our clothing represents many inspiring tattoo artists, bringing their talent and their unique designs to life in our unique clothing line. Our Death Before Dishonor hoodie is one of our best sellers, and represents the code of the streets. Respect is the ultimate goal. So why shop our line? Well, firstly, we are UK Based, UK Proud. We are sustainable. Read about how we continue to work sustainably in an industry that sees much waste. And of course, our designs. All of our products are inspired by great artists, tattoo artists that are undervalued and underrated. Keep up to date with our "shop this look" collection, which pairs our unique clothing, with awesome accessories, like Nike Sneakers, to create a true #streetvibe look. Check out our clothing, and become a Black Talon member today!

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