At Black Talon we strongly believe in a self-sufficient and sustainable economy, which is why the production of all our goods has never left the borders of the United Kingdom. Looking at the bigger picture, this provides jobs and strengthens the economy of our nation without leaving a carbon footprint involved with the import and export of goods around the globe. Our UK-based suppliers are carefully vetted to ensure that our products are of the highest quality with minimal waste and negative effect on the environment.

We Don't Believe in Fast Fashion

Today there is a grave problem with the fashion industry. “Fast Fashion” is the mass production of trending clothes that are of poor quality and are very quickly disposed. It is estimated that the fashion industry produces over 80 billion garments a year, which is over 10 items of clothing for every human on earth. According to the clothes waste charity TRAID, the average item of clothing is worn 10 times before it is thrown away without being recycled or donated. They simply go to a landfill site or are incinerated, carrying great environmental cost.

At Black Talon, we hold appropriate amounts of stock based on product popularity and sale rates and wish for our products to be used for as long as they last you. At the end of our product’s journey, we advocate that it is either recycled or donated.

Image by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlba
Paper Packaging

Our Packaging

Being an environmentally conscious brand, it brings us great discomfort seeing so much of what we use and purchase today, carelessly wrapped in non-biodegradable toxic plastics that have done nothing but save the manufacturers money and poison our planet. This is why Black Talon invests slightly more into its biodegradable packaging, because we know we’re making a difference. And so will you, when you purchase from us.