Passion Before Profit

Welcome to Black Talon, established in 2020. We are the newest generation of tattoo inspired urban streetwear, founded by three close old friends with a clear vision of a Brand that represents something much more than just fashion. Black Talon’s dream is to become synonymous with a strong and stoic image, which fuels a greater purpose and gives a sense of belonging. The idea was initially born out of the tattoo culture’s rich history and vast influence. Like a tattoo with a personal meaning, Black Talon’s hope is that our work, and our streetwear clothing line will represent something to our customers.


Our vision has never been about money but instead about providing quality  minimalist streetwear, and tattoo inspired clothing items and forming a community of humble and amazing people. We put 100% of the profits back into the business to help grow the name and build a bigger following. Our team is very small, comprising of only three friends, which means when you're speaking to any of the team, you're speaking with one of the owners. If you ever have a question or comment about anything (from shipping times to general trivia) then please reach out on one of our channels. We get back to everyone and love to hear from our community.